• Grilled chicken, white dip on the side
  • Different types of food
  • Cocktails
the brick pizzeria

About us

The Bricks is not just a place to eat. It’s a culmination of a larger mission: To fully elaborate on the farm-to-table concept. We’ve gone far beyond the basic model of simply growing the ingredients for our menu items because we believe the means by which the food we serve comes into being is worth sharing.

There is a myriad of processes along the route from farm to table and every one of them has a story, including but not limited to continuously striving for increasing sustainability, an Osttiroler grain mill that transforms our ancient grains into flour and Araucana chickens that lay green eggs. (You haven’t lived until you’ve put a fried one atop a pizza, by the way.) We also believe in the people involved in these processes, our relationships with each other, and, in turn, our relationship with you. Our backgrounds are diverse, yet our varied paths converge before a 750° pizza oven. It is from here that we invite you to The Bricks for a meaningful meal among friends, both old and new.

At The Bricks, we like stories. We intend to tell a lot of them because, to us, it’s part of knowing from where your food originates. We also think it’s not just the farm-to-table processes that have stories, the people involved in those processes do as well.